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DJ Bellah

What is your real Name? -- Kae Mendoza

What is your airname? -- DJ Bellah

Is your air name your personal choice?-- No. Chatters' choice ^_^ I asked them what suits me. They said DJ Ganda/Cute. I just translated it in Italian.. ahhah.. +"h" dunno why.. xD

If given a chance to alter it, what would it be and why? -- DJ WAR :) war is a universal "phenomenon" whose form and scope is defined by the society that wages it. and that's hhat i want Leviathan to be...

When is your birthday?-- April 4

Where did you finish your collegiate years? What course did you finish? Any memorable experience you had back then?-- I took up BS Nursing at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas. I supposed to take up Communication Arts or PolSci,it was just my mom who insisted me. Though im not interested with the course,i was glad i made it to the Dean's List. but i had to stop for migration here in Milan.

When and how did you get into broadcasting?-- One of Levi Modes offered me. As far as i can remember, that was last week of April..

Did somebody encourage or influence you to work as a Disc Jockey? If yes, can you name him or her?-- None. ^_^ I always dream of being a broadcast journalist. Coalition of being a music lover and speaker.

How long have you been doing the job?-- 7 months.

Can you share us your funniest blooper at work? -- wahahhaa. The first time I aired,i have colds. At one point,i'm not yet done speaking when my broadcaster did not respond,so i can't turn off my mic. they all heared me sniffing.. hahah.. then they called me DJ Shenghot..

What's your favorite food/viand?-- sushi

What's your past time?-- window shopping/videoke/logical tests

Who are those people you are grateful for your status as a DJ? -- All and my supporters ♥ ♥ ♥

What message would you like to tell to your followers/ fans? -- Showbiz? hehehe.. I'm not here just to give them music but to be their FRIEND. They know 'bout it. Love them so much :)

If you will be given a chance to be an actor/actress what role would you want to portray?-- waaaaaaaah.. antagonist :) whatever it is!

What is your usual work-day get up?--tees and jeans

Kung ikaw ay magkakaroon ng 1 kapangyarihan, anong gusto mo? At Bakit? -- The power to bring back to their lives all those were killed innocent.. then exchange position to those who are more deserving to be buried.

What is the greatest lesson you learned in life so far? How does this thing help you be a better person than before?-- To always THINK not just twice but a hunred times,in all aspects. We can easily do things but when we find in the end we were mistaken bout it,is definitely HARD to accept. Im being wiser, i guess.

What is the best gift you can give to all your listeners?-- The best MUSIC. It's part of everybody's life. Playing their requests is one :)

What is the best health tip you can give to all your listeners?-- Think Positive. Health benefits that positive thinking may:
>Increased life span
>Lower rates of depression
>Lower levels of distress
>Greater resistance to the common cold
>Better psychological and physical well-being
>Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
>Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

What is that one word that can best describe you as a person?-- Fighter? ^_^

If you will be given a chance to interview someone for one hour, who will that be and why?-- Mr. LM. to clear things out. then forgive and forget.






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